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Cheese ki Gareebi and Domino’s Pizza – Restaurant Review

The Brand called Domino’s Pizza

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Domino’s Pizza is definitely the first name that comes to most people’s mind when you say ‘pizza’. For me, domino’s wouldn’t even come in my dreams. I have always maintained my stand that Domino’s is perhaps the most overrated pizza chain in India.

However, sometimes you have to give up coz it is much better than arguing with a chic. I ended up in Dominos last Friday at Hiranandani, Powai (Mumbai). The moment I stepped on the pavement outside the outlet, two Domino’s reps came and started calling us inside (so, that we did not accidentally step inside Papa John’s). That’s some persuasion, I must say!

The Review

I went inside, holding my breath, and asked if they were making any pizza with mozzarella (this was supposed to be a sarcastic taunt from my side). And then the rep goes to consult from someone else and tells me that they use it only on Margherita. I was like, what? If they are using Mozzarella only on Margharitas, then what in the world are they using in their extravaganzas!!! So, I asked them to prepare a Double cheese margharita with extra cheese and mushrooms, while my lady friend ordered some fancily named pizza and stuffed garlic bread.

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Then we waited for our pizza amongst some unnecessarily loud music. Finally, when our order arrived, we started with the stuffed garlic bread. I was impressed, and it was really good. So, suddenly my reservations against domino’s pizza started fading away and quickly passed into the pizza.

Needless to say, it was as bad as the last Domino’s pizza I had from Bhandup. Even worse. Where was the extra cheese? What cheese were they even using? All I could chew was dough, dough and some more dough.

They call themselves the Pizza delivery experts, which is quite true. Perhaps they should concentrate on becoming Pizza baking experts now! High time Domino’s… are you listening?


I would have given it nothing, but 1.5 is just for the stuffed garlic bread that was indeed good!

Food – 1.5/5

Ambience – 1/5

Customer Service – 2.5/5


Go to a street vendor, you will find better made pizza at half the price!

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Image courtesy : Domino’s Pizza official website.

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