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I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House – Movie Review

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House – Critic Movie Review

It was another lazy Sunday afternoon when suddenly Filmmaker Sangeeth Sivan calls me on the phone in all excitement after watching a recently released horror movie. He was like, ‘You must watch this film, Hari… you will love it! So brilliantly made!’

Apparently, this was the movie that premiered on Netflix (since it is a Netflix Original) somewhere during the last week of October 2016. I did not waste much time, opened my Netflix app, put on my MTT VR Kit and started watching this horror flick which starts off like Hitchcock’s Rebecca. Here’s my movie review of I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House, unbiased, critical!

Movie Review

The Story

Lily, a young hospice nurse, arrives at the old house where yesteryear’s horror writer, Iris Blum, was living her winter days. What follows is Lily’s first-hand experience of living in claustrophobic conditions with an old woman in a house that echoes with her terrifying stories.

The Screenplay

In an attempt to keep the narration slow and subtle, Oz Perkins has intelligently packaged three parallel timelines without giving away anything to the viewer. Now this has worked both in favour of the film as well as against it. The movie doesn’t give away anything, but lets the viewer come up with his or her own interpretation of the whole story. This made it very interesting for me but I am sure that it is the reason why people have rated it 4.7 on imdb.

The inconclusiveness, thus, is the movie’s plus and minus! The other facts are the slow pace of narration and absence of any jumpscares. The dialogues are mostly haunting voiceovers, and the makers have successfully created an atmosphere of eerieness just with that!

The Shots

One of the best things about this movie are the shots taken. I think most of the time, they have not used any big lights, and cinematographer Julie Kirkwood has made perfect use of symmetry and geometric patterns throughout the film. Editing is as subtle as the cinematography. The movie reminds you of a bygone era of classic horror films, with faded transitions and often distorted ambiences.

The Performance

Ruth Wilson plays Lily and she does a decent job of playing the part of a cute isolated and bit confused nurse in a haunted house. The fact that Lily takes 80% of the screentime demands presence of the actor, and she gives it well. Paula Prentiss does her part as the enstranged writer. But it is all about Lily, from start to end, after all, she is the pretty thing in the house.


I am the Pretty thing in the House is Netflix’s own Shining sans Jack Nicholson.

I am giving this movie 6 out of 10 on imdb.

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