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Traveling The World – An Interview With Ella Stoain

Last week, a young and passionate backpacker from Bangalore- Nivedita Basu, had shared her experiences in our Interview with Vagabond series. Today, I will be introducing you to an inspiring 20-year-old medical professional from Romania, who is as passionate about traveling as much she is about serving people in need. I introduce you to the very beautiful- Ella Stoian.


Ella, thanks for taking the time to talk with me on! Could you start by introducing yourself to my readers?

Hello, and thanks for this opportunity! I am a 20 years old medical student from Bucharest, Romania. I am a fierce feminist, suffering from a severe case of wanderlust.

What has been your passion in life? How has your journey been so far?

I have lots of passions, some old, some quite new. But only two had been with me through most of my life: helping people, which dictated my career choice, and traveling, inspired by the fear of having only one life and so many places to see. So far. My journey has been very pleasant, I’ve been blessed with an understanding, loving family, loyal friends and amazing experiences. I’ve also had some unpleasant moments, like everybody else, but I just took them as lessons.

How many countries have you traveled? Tell us about the places you have been to.

Until now, I’ve been to 7 countries, including my own, Romania. Most recently I’ve been to Paris, in France, but it was probably a mistake going so close to Christmas, since Champs-Elysee, La Fayette and all the other beautiful places the city has to offer had been very crowded. It wasn’t my first time there, but all those pretty lights and that “je ne sais quoi” Parisian truly made me fall in love with Paris once again.

Last autumn, I’ve been to Hungary, only to be completely mesmerized by its friendly inhabitants and lovely high views.

As a child, I used to spend my summer holidays in Greece or Turkey, for they had the most kind, fun loving people, the best beaches and those amazing crystal seas. I’m in love with Greek food and culture, those people had such an amazing past and now have unbelievably beautiful monuments to attest it. This summer we didn’t break the tradition and went to Turkey again, after my birthday, to continue the celebration there. Needless to say, Turkish sunsets are the best!

Also, I spend some summer days in Venice, in Italy. It was my first time there and I’ll definitely come back soon! I’ve been enchanted to see that dreamy lagoon and eat those delicious pastas!

Bestselling Author Hari Kumar K - when Strangers meet

I’ve also been to England quite recently, last spring, with a dear friend of mine. He showed me 4 cities from there, and although I found them all amazing I totally fell in love with just one, Liverpool. Probably because we had such a short time there and had to truly value every second of it, or maybe just because we went to many high places and I’m a fan of those kind of views.

Travel. Love. Smile. Repeat ♥ #london #bigben #city #travelingram #londoneye

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If you had only one day to live, where will you spend that day?

Hard to say. I’m torn between staying in my beautiful country, with my family, and spending it alone in Liverpool, my dearest city, meditating while catching a quiet sunset on Albet Dock.

Traveling is incomplete without 3 things- Vivid Food, Companionship of Books & Precious Photography. Which one is your favorite among the three?

I’d definitely say food! Not only because I’m such a curious gourmand, but because I think that although great travel companions, books and photo cameras often distract us from seeing and feeling the country’s vibe, landscapes and also from socializing with the locals. I learnt that in Glasgow, when we only had a phone with very low battery left to take photos with, so we mainly took shots with our eyes and minds. I’ve felt a little disappointed about not having lots of pictures to show to my family from there, but it turned out to be the best thing that could happen: I’ve been much more aware of my surroundings, resulting in my memories being more vivid and I also talked to many more locals, getting to know better their habits.

Your instagram account is full of mind blowing photographs (My personal favorite is the one of Tour Pey Berland, maybe I just love the architecture). Which 3 photographs from your insta account would you pick, if I were to ask you about the most precious travel moments in your life? (do provide embed links or jpegs to the same)

Thanks, glad you liked it. At first, I only started posting those to prove I can take interesting photographs, since my ex boyfriend always said I suck at it. Turns out he was wrong, people started appreciating them, so I only continued posting in order to exchange with my followers my point of view and maybe even inspire them to go out there and travel as much as possible. If I were to pick 3 photographs from my insta account, regarding the most precious travel moments in my life, I would choose this one, from Liverpool Cathedral, because me and my friend, Alex, had finally made it there, after so many weird, funny, even scary adventures and even though I was so far away from my family, something about that city, that view, felt like home somehow:

Next would be this picture from Constanta, a city from my country, Romania, very close to the Black Sea. That night, last summer, I was crying in my best friend’s arms, Daria Gabriela, while next to us was our hotel room’s window, with that seaside view. After she made me feel better, some fireworks started lighting up the sky, also reflecting in the sea. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch them on camera, but it was spectacular!

The third picture I would pick is this one, from Shangri-La Hotel, in Paris, this December. It also has quite a long caption on insta, since I was overwhelmed with so many emotions then, and I had to share them with my followers. After a little over a year since I left an abusive boyfriend and escaped a 4 years long toxic relationship, I was standing on the balcony, gazing at the stars and the Eiffel Tower, after being in the arms of the man I love, finally feeling happy and at ease with myself, with my life, with the way I recovered all by myself after everything he had put me through. Karma really did a good job!

When it comes to food, tell us something interesting that you have had during your adventures.

Apart from trying the famous “fish&chips” in London, and being totally in love with the Parisian macarons and the Turkish baklava, most recently I’ve tried some adorable vegan pastry in France, and then some very weird dish called Boudin Noir, which is a black blood sausage, usually made from congealed pork blood. It didn’t taste as horrible as it sounds but I cannot call myself a fan of this dish.

You come from one of the mystical countries of Europe- Romania. Tell us something about your country, its food, culture and people.

My country is utterly amazing, even though people have a not so nice impression of it (all the bad things you heard do not come from Romanians, but from gypsies, a completely different population, which just happen to live in our country. We are not them, and we do not do those unpleasant things, on the contrary, we, Romanians, face the same problems with them as all the other countries do, even worse). Not only do we have one of the most tasty cuisines in the world, we’re also famous for our hospitality, friendliness and very beautiful women.

My country is a very beautiful destination, since travelers can find here mountains, seaside


lots of wild nature


You will find medieval cities along with very modern ones,


And of course, the unique Danube Delta, the largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas.


During your adventures in foreign lands, have you ever faced problems when you couldn’t speak the lingua franca of the locals?

No, so far I haven’t had any problem regarding that. Usually, the locals are very understanding and patient towards travelers. I always thought that kindness is the universal language and as far as I discovered while traveling, so it is! I only had some minor misunderstandings, like when I was in Milano, at the airport, and everyone from the staff kept saying “prego”, so I started using it as “hello” for a while, since I thought that must be its meaning. But those kind of counfusions only made good, funny stories, nothing to worry about!

Which is your next travel destination, when are you going there and what inspired you to visit it?

My next travel destination is Indonesia, I’ll go there in February. Those mesmerizing sunny islands and mystique temples helped me decide I want to go there. And besides, who can resist a holiday at the beach? Definitely not me, I was made for sunny days!

Ever visited India? What is the one thing about India that has fascinated you?

No, I haven’t visited it yet. But I have a very good friend, Andreea, which had been there last summer, so I kinda know a thing or two. I’ve always been fascinated about its culture, its rituals and traditions, but mostly about the way people from there see life, they’re perspective would probably be quite challenging for me, as an European.

If given a chance to act in Bollywood, would you accept the offer?

Never say never, I’ll probably accept. But I think no one would want me, since I have absolutely no talent when it comes to singing!

Is there anything else that you would like to share with the world?

I would like to remind people that we only have a very short time here, in this world. As a future doctor, I’m used to thinking about death a lot, and that only made me appreciate life even more. So we should stop taking people and time for granted, and start being aware of everything around us. Be kind and always keep moving. Travel or do something, don’t just sit around, wasting precious time.

What advice would you give to those who are still thinking about their first backpacking adventure? How to get started? How to manage funds?

I would just tell them to stop thinking and start packing! The more you think about it, the more afraid you get and you’ll never leave your comfort zone. You need to just let go of all your worries, believe in your capacity to get over any obstacle or difficult situations that might occure, and go see the world. Start with your own hometown. I know you might think there’s nothing interesting there, but trust me, it is! You just need to pay attention and be open-minded. You must know your surroundings, your own country, in order to be able to taste other countries beauty. When it comes to funds, be responsible and do not spend reckless amounts, especially on souvenirs, you do not need much to make good memories. And also, for those struggling with funds, you can always count on those “work and travel” kind of programs. I’ve been blessed with a whealty family, so I never had to worry about money, but I heard about those programs and many more ways to travel the world without spending much. Just go search some and you’ll see how easy it can be!

What do you think of this blogazine,

I think it’s amazing how useful and versatile it is, hosting articles about all sorts of interesting, different fields, from music to travel destinations. I am a fan of some cooking recipes I found there and I personally love the articles in which foreign songs’s lyrics are translated in English .

Rapidfire Round:

1.Full name- Stoian Ionela Loredana Ana-Maria
2.Birthday- 5 July 1996
3.Sunsign- Cancer
4.City of birth- Bucharest
5.Mothertongue- Romanian
6.God- Jesus Christ, I’m an Orthodox Christian
7.Life- Life is a journey, and it’s main purpose is finding your purpose and help others find theirs too.
8.Love- Love is the reason we exist, we should always give it to those around us.
9.Marriage- I’ve never been married, nor do I believe in it anymore.
10.Favorite country- Romania
11.Favorite music- Pop
12.Fav movie- Interstellar
13.Fav celebrity- Taylor Swift
14.When you were a kid, what did you want to become- Doctor
15.If you became of the Queen of the world, what would you do- Stop all the wars
16.An original quote – Live your life in such way, that when you finally close your eyes and it all fashes before them, you’ll have something interesting to watch.

Bestselling Author Hari Kumar K - when Strangers meet

Thank You Ella, for sharing your wonderful experiences with us. I hope our readers will be thrilled to start exploring Romania and other parts of Europe that you have so beautifully explained.

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