Salman Khan's Tubelight Movie Review by K Hari Kumar
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Tubelight – Movie Review

Tubelight Movie Review

Yesterday, while penning down a story idea, I was listening to songs that could set the tone for my writing. Apparently, the tragic tale of a woman needed a heart-touching soulful melody, which is why I started listening to Tinka Tinka Dil MeraSomehow, I just started loving the song as I kept on listening to it and I could not wait to watch the movie. So, I went for a first day first show of Salman Khan’s third movie with director Kabir Khan- Tubelight. I am glad I am in Kerala otherwise I could not even dream of watching a Salman starrer First day First show without having to fight for tickets on wait in long queues. Here, I had the whole row to myself. So, after watching the movie, here is the Tubelight Movie Review- from both Fan and Critique’s point of view.

Salman Khan's Tubelight Movie Review by K Hari Kumar
Salman Khan’s Tubelight Movie Review by K Hari Kumar

Movie Review

The Story has been credited to be based on The Little Boy and adapted to Hindi by Kabir Khan and Parvez Shaika with the help of Manurishi in the dialogues department. For me the story is about a over-grown man-child  Laxman Singh Bisht’s tussle with his low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Well, that’s like Forrest Gump who is going through an identity crisis, and instead of people saying ‘Run Forrest Run…’, this one has ‘Jal Ja.. Jal ja…tubelight… jal ja…’

The story begins in the pre-independence era, where the early life of Laxman has been setup beautifully, where they justified the title of the movie and also given a brief cameo of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. No, this is not Lagey Raho Munnabhai meri jaan… bas naach meri jaan… Oh yeah, that is the song that follows which kind of sets up the beautiful bromance between Laxman (Salman) and Bharat (Sohail Khan) well. Gandhi sows the seed of Yakeen ki taqat (Power of Faith) oh yeah, ek tarfa muhabbat ki taqat k baare mein toh suna hi tha… ab Yakeen ki taqat bhi aazmaalo… If that reference was not enough to Ae Dil hai Mushkil, then Shahrukh Khan’s appearance as the amazing Koko Pasha to literally repeat the words ‘Yakeen ki taqat’ would definitely make you wonder whether SRK should take up a life coach’s job. He’s good at it!

SRK should take up a life coach’s job. He’s good at it!

And then the war begins. No, not the Indo-Sino war of 1962, but the war between a viewer and his patience. As the story starts moving forth, we have some really amazing characters coming in and staying with us till the end, which includes the wise old man played by Late Om Puri, the short-tempered patriot Narayan played by Mohammed Zeeshan, the all witnessing shopkeeper played by Bijendar Kala, the kind and not so tough army officer Yashpal Sharma. Isha Talwar, of Thattathin Marayathu, makes an appearance in this film as Om Puri’s daughter and well maybe Sohail Khan’s unsaid love interest in the story. However, her character is the most underplayed one in the film, but she looks so graceful that you want to forgive the flaw. As for the Zhu Zhu, well she has given a good performance and at times you really feel like the Chinese actress is actually speaking in Hindi. Sohail Khan somehow manages to have more screen presence in the first act and does well as the protective brother. While Salman Khan generates lot of sympathy as the desi Forrest Gump who keeps forgetting to pull up his zipper.

Little Martin does steal the show, but whatever I saw of him in the film was already seen in the trailer and promo clips on youtube, so I just kept asking for more which I never got. Martin’s character, unlike Munni in Bajranhi Bhaijaan, is the most the under-developed character. I could never feel the need for his existence in the story itself, which kind of takes away the whole point of having the Chinese mother and son in the story, just to relate it with the Indo-Sino war.

Salman Khan's Tubelight Movie Review by K Hari Kumar
When Brothers Meet – Tubelight Movie Review

When we start getting references to the question of patriotism and the whole anti-national angle coming in, which kind makes me wonder, if Kabir Khan actually wanted to adapt this to a Kashmir-India-Pakistan story set during the recent past, and due to some pestilence, he had to change everything to ‘Chinese’. Because, the whole element of China and the betrothen Chinese family settled in India didn’t seem convincing at all. However, the anti-national and tolerance debate was convincing enough to say that the character of Narayan was basically a ‘Sanghi’. So, I believe that this story would have been more convincing had it been set in a Indo-Kashmir backdrop.

Tinka Tinka Dil Mera song from Salman Khan's Tubelight - Lyrics and English meaning
Tinka Tinka Dil Mera song from Salman Khan’s Tubelight – Lyrics and English meaning

After the first act, the film starts echoing with the whole theme of Yakeen which instead of inspiring, might end up depressing the viewer by the end of the film. However, the picturesque location and amazing cinematography and background score will keep you glued to the seat. This is the whole issue about the movie. While writing Tubelight Movie Review, I am really not going to give away what is in it, because if you leave out the Chinese family, the film will still be alive, because they are just there. The film falls flat in the second act, and the rest of the thing is just predictable. Yes, predictable! Despite the desperate effort to divert the audience into believing what they don’t want to… because hey… we also have Yakeen that hindi filmo mein end tak sab theek ho jaata hain… Happies Endings! Oops… that also has been said by SRK… My My!! He should really be a life coach!

However, the picturesque location and amazing cinematography and background score will keep you glued to the seat.

My Ratings for this movie is as follows:

Story – 7/10
Music – 8/10
Cinematography – 9/10
Performance – 8/10
Direction – 7/10

Overall – 39/50


A movie made with good intentions, and good performances by everyone. Definitely, A Worthy One Time Watch!

Critique Verdict for Tubelight

Movie lacks luster and has overplayed the Yakeen card while trying to imbibe political alignments forcefully into a story where it was really not fitting properly. It is a one-time watch, only for the making! (Coz I love all of Kabir Khan’s films)

Fan’s Verdict for Tubelight

It has all elements needed to keep you glued till the end- Good music, over-emotions, inspiring dialogues, a superstar cameo, awesome locations, and of course the charisma of Salman Khan. As a fan, I definitely liked this film. But I will not be watching it again in a theater even if given free tickets!

So, that Tubelight Movie Review from me. Mention in the comments, how you found the film. Check out some other Tubelight Movie Review on the internet:

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