K. Hari Kumar’s literary journey is a testament to his captivating storytelling and genre-bending mastery. His career unfolds in multiple distinct phases, each marked by instant audience engagement and eventual critical acclaim.

Phase 1: The Stranger Establishes a Legacy (2013-2018)

  • Instant Success: Kumar’s debut novel, “When Strangers Meet,” published in 2013, became an instant bestseller, garnering over five reprints till 2018. This initial success set the stage for his captivating writing style.
  • Breaking Barriers: Kumar shattered boundaries with “That Frequent Visitor” (2015), the first horror novel by an Indian author to be featured on Amazon’s Global Bestseller list. The book’s success, with the kindle version selling over 10,000 copies, solidified his position as a rising star in the horror genre.
  • Critical Acclaim: “The Other Side of Her” (2018) further cemented Kumar’s reputation. While not his biggest commercial success, the book was critically acclaimed and later adapted into the successful web series “Bhram” (Zee5), starring prominent actors like Kalki Koechlin and Bhumika Chawla.

Phase 2: India’s Most Haunted (2019-Present)

  • A Genre-Defining Masterpiece: Kumar’s entry into HarperCollins marked a prolific period. His big book of horror, “India’s Most Haunted: Tales of Terrifying Places” (2019), a chilling collection of short stories steeped in Indian folklore, emerged as the most sought-after horror book before the pandemic. Translated into Malayalam with a Hindi version forthcoming, this book solidified his position as a master of the genre.
  • Psychological Intrigue: Kumar’s subsequent work, “DAKHMA” (2021), further showcased his versatility. This psychological thriller, interwoven with elements of horror, kept readers on the edge of their seats.

Phase 3: Horror, Occult, Folklore & Mythology (2024-Present)

Expanding Horizons: Kumar’s creative fire continues to burn brightly. In May 2024, DAIVA – Discovering the Extraordinary World of Spirit Worship, K. Hari’s first non-fiction work on the subject of folk mythology releases worldwide. Daiva delves into the captivating realm of South Indian folklore, followed by another captivating fiction release with HarperCollins.

He also wrote the Foreword for Asian Ghost Stories, published by UK based Flametree Publishing (Simon & Schuster)

Daiva - Discovering the extraordinary world of Spirit Worship of Tulu Nadu by K. Hari Kumar, bestselling author of India's Most Haunted.