Daiva - Discovering the Extraordinary World of Spirit Worship by bestselling author of horror and folklore, K. Hari Kumar
Bestselling author and filmmaker K. Hari Kumar

Filmmaker | Screenwriter | Author

K. Hari Kumar is a distinguished Indian author, specialising in regional folklore, horror, and psychological thrillers. With an impressive track record of being one of India’s top writers, his stories rooted in Indian folklore and mythology have captivated readers across the nation. He is also an international award nominated Photographer and screenwriter.

“To read Daiva is to experience a world that few from modern urban India have access to. It is to immerse oneself in the realm of spirit-worship, which comes to life through Hari’s tireless research and spell-binding wordcraft.

Amish Tripathi

Bestselling Award-Winning Author & TV Host

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