About K.Hari Kumar

K. Hari Kumar is a bestselling Indian author and screenwriter. With an impressive track record of being one of India’s top horror and thriller writers, his stories rooted in Indian folklore and mythology have captivated readers and viewers across the subcontinent.

K Hari Kumar’s collection of horror short stories, India’s Most Haunted – Tales of Terrifying Places, published by HarperCollins India is one of the highest selling horror story books in India. The Times Of India deemed it as a must-read horror book, and it was also listed in HarperCollins India’s hundred best books written by Indian authors. The Malayalam translation of India’s Most Haunted was published as Indiayile Prethalayangal by Mathrubhumi Books in March 2022. The book will be soon translated into Hindi as well. He wrote the honourary foreword for FlameTree Publishing’s anthology titled Asian Ghost Stories (UK).

In addition to his accomplishments in literature, K. Hari Kumar has made notable contributions to the world of cinema as a screenwriter and creative consultant. His novel The Other Side of Her received critical acclaim when adapted into the web series Bhram, featuring the talented Kalki Koechlin. As a filmmaker, he has shot a documentary for Dubai based Punjabi singer Monika Kaur, a music video for Indo-Iranian rapper Stevie B, and the cinematic trailer of his book, Daiva – Discovering the Extraordinary World of Spirit Worship. K. Hari is also an international award nominated photographer. His photographs have featured on covers of his books.

South Asia's top horror and folklore author and filmmaker K. Hari Kumar
K. Hari Kumar, bestselling author and filmmaker.

Educated in Gurugram, K. Hari Kumar holds a B.Tech in Information Technology and a B.A in English Literature, highlighting his diverse academic background. He currently resides in Pune with spouse, where he continues to fuel his creative pursuits. Hari is currently working on a series of books on folk mythology that will be published by HarperCollins.

Hari has been honoured with invitations to speak on his expertise at prestigious events such as Times Literature festival (Bangalore & Delhi), DAV United Literature Festival (Gurgaon & Delhi), Kumaon Literature Festival (Dhanacholi), Lit-O-Mania (Mumbai), and IISc’s Literature Festival (Bangalore). His insights have garnered attention from leading national newspapers, television channels, and podcasts, including the renowned The Ranveer Show that features India’s top writers and film personalities.

News articles featuring K. Hari Kumar: https://theharikumar.com/in-the-news-k-hari-kumar/

Bibliography – When Strangers Meet, That Frequent Visitor, The Other Side of Her, India’s Most Haunted, Dakhma, Indiayile Prethalayangal, Asian Ghost Stories.

Upcoming Book – Daiva.

Filmography – Enter the Evil (Hotstar), Bhram (Zee5), A Stranger in the jungle can kill you, The Visitor.