India's top bestselling author Amish Tripathi praises DAIVA written by K. Hari Kumar.


Daiva – Official Press Release by the publisher on May 13, 2024.



Discovering the Extraordinary World of Spirit Worship

by K. Hari Kumar

Daiva - Discovering the extraordinary world of Spirit Worship of Tulu Nadu by K. Hari Kumar, bestselling author of India's Most Haunted.
Daiva – A Book on Tulu Nadu’s Daivaradhane by bestselling author K. Hari Kumar

The cultural uniqueness and identity of Tulu Nadu is closely tied to the beautiful Kola dance performances, as depicted in the film – ‘Kantara’.

Written by bestselling author K. Hari Kumar this is, perhaps the only book on daiva worship, with a deep dive in Tulu Nadu’s folklore, published by a mainstream Indian writer in English.

‘Spellbinding.’—Amish Tripathi

Published by Harper Non-Fiction

Paperback | Non-Fiction | 272 pp | INR 399

Releasing 13 May 2024

About the Book

The famous Kola performances of Tulu Nadu involve dancers who invite powerful, sacred spirits to possess them. Through the performers, and surrounded by vibrant colours and striking visuals, these spirits—known as daiva—may settle disputes, provide guidance, grant blessings and pass judgement.

However, there is so much more to it than art and devotion. From Panjurli, the benevolent boar spirit, to Bobbarya, guardian of the sea, this book explores it all: the kinds of daiva, their stories, their individual natures and the ways in which they come to inhabit the devout.

In Daiva, bestselling author K. Hari Kumar brings you stories of powerful immortals along with details of their worship through mystifying rituals—all of which are known leave onlookers awestruck.

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Author K. Hari Kumar says, Daiva is more than a book. It is very close to my heart. It chronicles my journey across the heart and soul of Tulu Nadu, in search of the sacred truth that has stood the test of time. It is a tribute to the rich heritage and folklore of Tulu Nadu. Who are the daivas? Why are they so important to the Tulu speaking populace? How are they worshipped? What are their stories? This book tries to answer some of these questions.’

Prerna Gill, commissioning editor, HarperCollins India says, Daiva is an important book about a culture, and its traditions related to spirit-worship, not easily found in the English language. A rare work, this is one to read and treasure.’


Praise for Daiva

‘To read Daiva is to experience a world that few from modern urban India have access to. It is to immerse oneself in the realm of spirit-worship, which comes to life through Hari’s tireless research and spell-binding wordcraft.’ —Amish Tripathi, bestselling award-winning author and TV host


About the Author

Hari Kumar is an Indian author and screenwriter who has written seven books including the widely popular India’s Most Haunted, which earned acclaim as a must-read book and secured a spot in HarperCollins India’s list of Hundred Best Books by Indian Authors. Hari’s narratives, deeply rooted in Indian folklore and regional mythology, have captured the imagination of readers nationwide.

Beyond his literary endeavours, K. Hari Kumar also works as a screenwriter and filmmaker, with his novel The Other Side of Her adapted into the acclaimed Hindi language web series Bhram.

Educated in Gurugram, K. Hari Kumar holds a B.Tech in Information Technology and a B.A in English Literature. Presently residing in Pune with his wife, he remains committed to nurturing his creative pursuits.

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