Scary Spirits on the hill top

Koh-i-Chiltan: A Haunting Tale of Forty Souls

What secrets lie hidden amidst the craggy peaks of Koh-i-Chiltan? Could the whispers of a tragic legend hold the key to unlocking the dark mysteries that enshroud Chehel-Tan’s forbidding summit? In today’s story on Asia’s Most Haunted, author of horror and folklore, K. Hari Kumar narrates The Haunting Story of Koh-i-Chiltan.

The spirits of forty babes linger, their spectral presence haunting the very essence of that remote mountain realm.

Asia’s Most Haunted – Quetta, Pakistan

Nestled within the craggy embrace of the Sulaiman Mountains, veiled in a shroud of mist and mystery, lies the foreboding peak of Koh-i-Chiltan. Its name, whispered in hushed tones, resonates with tales of a chilling legend that echoes through the annals of time. Koh-i-Chiltan is located in the Quetta District of Balochistan Province, in western Pakistan. Koh-i-Chiltan in Balochi which means “Forty Bodies”.

The Legendary Tale

Legend has it that atop this rugged summit, known as Chiltan or Chehel-Tan, a sombre tale unfolded, weaving a web of sorrow and supernatural intrigue. It is said that a devout couple, yearning for the pitter-patter of tiny feet within their humble abode, sought solace from a revered holy man. Alas, their plea for progeny was met with divine indifference, leaving their hearts heavy with despair.

Yet, hope flickered in the form of the holy man’s son, a mullah steeped in faith and fervour. With a daring belief in his own powers, he bestowed upon the barren wife forty pebbles, invoking the blessings of the heavens for her womb to quicken with life. Little did they know, their supplications would unleash a torrent of unforeseen consequences.

Scary Spirits on the hill top

In a twist of fate, the wife found herself burdened not with one, but forty offspring, a bounty far beyond her ken or capacity to provide. Desperate and overwhelmed, the husband, torn between duty and desperation, made a harrowing decision. Ascending to the summit of Chehel-Tan, he left thirty-nine babes to fate’s capricious whim, entrusting their welfare to the divine providence.

Yet, fate’s cruel hand spared not even the lone child nurtured within the confines of their humble abode. Touched by a mother’s remorse, the wife ventured forth to seek solace amidst the rocky crags where her offspring lay abandoned. To her astonishment, she found not lifeless forms, but living, breathing children frolicking amidst the wilderness.

Elation turned to despair as the wife, driven by a desperate longing for reunion, placed the fortieth babe upon the mountain peak, hoping to lure back its siblings. Dawn broke upon a scene of heart-wrenching emptiness, as the babe vanished without a trace, spirited away by unseen hands into the ethereal realm.

From that day forth, the spirits of the forty babes are said to haunt the slopes of Chehel-Tan, their ethereal presence casting a pall of unease upon all who dare to tread its rugged paths. Beneath the shadow of Koh-i-Chilean, the echoes of their sorrowful lamentations mingle with the howling winds, a chilling reminder of the enduring power of legend and the mysteries that lie dormant within the heart of the mountains.

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Originally written on The Haunting Story of Koh-i-Chiltan

Asia’s Most Haunted by K. Hari Kumar


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