K Hari Kumar’s When Strangers Meet was published in 2013,[1] followed by That Frequent Visitor (2015) and A Game of Gods (2016). He has been featured as one of the most influential authors on social media by Kochipost.

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After facing rejection from many publishers, Hari Kumar’s first book finally came out as When Strangers Meet in 2013 under the publication of Srishti Publishers. The book is the story of three strangers who meet in a metro station and how each one of them influences the other to bring about a change in their lives. The book is partially based on real incidents inspired by Hari Kumar’s personal life.

In 2015, Hari Kumar’s second second book That Frequent Visitor was published.[5] The book was a tribute to the Delhi anti-rape protests and the Delhi braveheart- Nirbhaya.

He is currently working on his next book which is a Love Story based on a concept he had pitched to a leading Production house in Mumbai. Writing requires sheer determination and dedication, and he hopes to finish his 1st love story by the end of this year. He is also involved in screenwriting with acclaimed filmmaker Sangeeth Sivan.

Bestselling Author Hari Kumar K - when Strangers meet

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